Adler Cup 2024


International Judo Tournament

Adler Cup 2024

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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U13 m
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Schedule / Agenda


Friday, 25th October 2024

Open mat for ALL Coaches are also welcome to use the mat. There is no supervision, the mat can be used free of charge.
at 17.00

Pre-weighing on Friday

On Friday there will be a free preliminary weigh-in for ALL for the competitions on Saturday (U13, U17, U21) from 18:00 - 19:00. This only applies to the Saturday competitions.

Pre-weighing on Saturday

On Saturday there will be a free preliminary weigh-in for ALL for the competitions on Sunday (U14, U18) from 19:00 - 20:00. This only applies to the Sunday competitions.

Adler Cup Tournament

The tournament is ofcially regulated by the youth rules & special rules of the State Judo Association (HJV) and the German Judo Association (DJB). Minimum graduation is 7th Kyu (yellow), Referees are made available by the organiser.

Saturday, 26th October 2024

Time   Age Group m/f
at 08:00 Weigh in U13 m/f
09:00 Opening Ceremony for All
via Website
Weigh in U17 f
via Website
Weigh in U17 m
via Website
Weigh in U21 f
via Website
Weigh in U21 m

Sunday, 27th October 2024

Time   Age Group m/f
07:00 Weigh in U14 m/f
08:00 Opening Ceremony for All
via Website
Weigh in U18 f
via Website
Weigh in U18 m

For Saturday and Sunday:
Competition starts promptly upon end of weigh in. Award ceremonies will take place promptly upon finishing one age group (m and f together)

Additionally on Sunday:

  • Adler Cup Trophy Ceremony
  • Talent Award Ceremony with the Fraport AG talent prizes.

Weight Classes and Tournament Mode

m: -29/-31/-34/-37/-40/-43/-46/-50/+50 kg
and f: -28/-30/-33/-36/-40/-44/-48/-52/+52 kg
m: -31/-34/-37/-40/-43/-46/-50/-55/+55 kg
and f: -30/-33/-36/-40/-44/-48/-52/-57/+57 kg
m: -40/-43/-46/-50-/55/-60/-66/-73/-81/+81 kg
and f: -36/-40/-44/-48/-52/-57/-63/-70/+70 kg
m: -46/-50/-55/-60/-66/-73/-81/-90/+90 kg
and f: -44/-48/-52/-57/-63/-70/-78/+78 kg
m: -50/-55/-60/-66/-73/-81/-90/-100/+100 kg
and f: -44/-48/-52/-57/-63/-70/-78/+78 kg

Tournament Mode (per weight class):
Up to 5 Participants: Round Robin
Up to 32 Partcipants: Modified Double Elimination System
> 32 Partcipants: Elimination System w/dbl Repechage

The organizer reserves the right to change the tournament mode depending final number of partcipants.

The Following Age Groups Are Admitted

U13 m/f born in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
U14 m/f born in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011
(according to the U15 rules)
m/f born in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008
(according to the U18 rules)
m/f born in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007
U21 m/f born in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004
Download brochure here Download Youth Special Rules


Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Mike Josef

Dear athletes, dear organisation team,
dear guests, spectators and parents,

I am extremely pleased that the Adler Cup will be held in Frankfurt am Main for the 7th time this year. It is the largest youth judo tournament in the world, for which I, as Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main, am of course happy to assume patronage.

The Adler Cup is a great example of how the city of Frankfurt am Main sees itself as a fully comprehensive sports city. This does not only include football, basketball or ice hockey. Rather, we also promote sports that are not in the limelight every day, but are so important for the sporting diversity of our city. Judo in particular, with its values such as sporting ambition, but also outstanding comradely fairness, is a flagship for us. We are very pleased that the elite of the international judo youth will be guests in Kalbach again this year.

Once again, children and their parents will make the journey to fight here in Frankfurt am Main, some of them with extremely long journeys. This underlines the international relevance of the Adler Cup and fits perfectly with our international city.

I would like to sincerely thank TSG Nordwest 1898 and their many volunteers for putting so much energy into the Adler Cup again this year and making it a great event for the sport of judo. They are a wonderful example of the importance of volunteering and are representative of the more than 420 sports clubs in our city. Thank you very much for your commitment!

In a nutshell: What better place to hold the Adler Cup than in Frankfurt am Main. I wish you exciting competitions, the greatest possible sporting success and a wonderful time in our wonderful city. Good luck!


Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Mike Josef


State Secretary Hesse, Peter Beuth

Ladies and gentlemen,
dear athletes,

I send you the best wishes from Hesse’s state government and Hesse’s Ministry of the Interior and Sport on the occasion of the Adler Cup.

Hesse is a sports-loving state; we are host to many international sport events. It is a great honour to be able to organise such a large judo youth tournament and I am happy and proud to be the patron of this event again. During the many exciting competitions, the visitors will experience not only speed and precision, but also concentration and endurance. The fact that many of Hesse’s cities regularly organise professional international tournaments in many different disciplines is very exciting and perfectly shows our love of sports. As Hesse’s sports minister I am particularly pleased that the tournament is so very well received. 2.600 athletes from 41 countries will take part in the tournament this year.

First and foremost, we have to give special thanks to our volunteers: without their exceptional work, the tournament wouldn’t be possible, since every Adler Cup requires a lot of preparation and organisation. I am sure that the audience as well as all athletes will very much enjoy the tournament.

I wish much success to the organisation team and to the athletes a fair and safe competition.

Best regards,
Peter Beuth

State Secretary Hesse, Peter Beuth
  • Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Mike Josef

    Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Mike Josef

  • State Secretary Hesse, Peter Beuth

    State Secretary Hesse, Peter Beuth


Helpers Wanted

Apply Now! Adler Cup Referees Wanted!

We look for Judo referees with a national A/B-license (or equivalent) or an IJF license. Our head referee, Stefan Himmler, will vet each application and give timely feedback. Upon acceptance, you will be part of an international high class referee team giving Adler Cup its professionalism and international standing. Referees are well paid according to the German referee fee tables.

Apply Now

Adler Cup is looking for Scoreboard Keepers and Timekeepers. Please Apply!

Adler Cup has grown to one of the largest European judo youth tournaments and in order to maintain our professionalism and respect for Judo, we are looking for scoreboard keepers and timekeepers that are aiding the referees per competition tatami. Scoreboard keepers and timekeepers will work with a special Adler Cup version of the well known judo software: Meisterschaftsmanager, in our case a network version with multiple planning features added to the standard set, but easy to operate. We will pay an allowance per accepted applicant supporting Adler Cup in these very important roles. This might be an interesting role for young referees with smaller national licenses.

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